About us

We are Creative Laboratory. Our aim is to be a community for all creative souls to learn to be more creative, to develop themselves, to connect with each other and to solve mysteries together.

Creative Laboratory will be a place where everyone can feel safe and inspired, empowered and united with own goals. We encourage all our members to keep on creating even something little every day and every moment.

Creative Laboratory is a company from Finland. Our nation is ranked number one in the global happiness index, our schools are rated the best ones in the world, and we are one of the most innovative countries in the world. There is something in our spirit that makes us one of the most creative countries in the world and we want to unleash the same spirit in every person around the world. We will reveal our secrets step by step, piece by piece. This is why we, Creative Laboratory, exist.

We will add more courses every week. We will update the features of the community all the time. We will keep on striving and making things better by the needs of our users. If you have any comments or wishes for us, please contact us on email or social media, there will always be a human to talk with you.