Entrepreneurship: From an idea to a thriving business

Welcome to this course of entrepreneurship. This class is made for people who want to transform their ideas, energy, and passion into a job that’s 100% own – in other words, for aspiring entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is the most usual way for creative professionals to work – the future of work is formed mostly from gigs, short-term projects, and self-employment. Entrepreneurial skills are something that everyone of us should know, even if we would never be full-time entrepreneurs.

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Mission 1: The crossroads of your unique skills
Mission 2: ”The best trial sleeper in the world”
Mission 3: The people you admire
Mission 4: A world without any limits
Mission 5: Journey from a dream into smart goals
Mission 6: Upside down problems
Mission 7: Turn everything upside down
Mission 8: Play of emotions
Mission 9: Create your own story
Mission 10: For the love of brands
Mission 11: My customer’s journey
Mission 12: You've got new friends
Mission 13: Adventures in the Land of Networking
Mission 14: Who is in charge?
Mission 15: Treasure chest of superpowers
Business, behind the scenes
Mission 16: The Checklist
Mission 17: Make up a simple sample budget
Mission 18: Investigation: How others make it
Mission 19: My strengths
Mission 20: Praise the others
It's business time!
Mission 21: The Wholesome Business Journey

Hi there, you lovely person!

It is Sami here, the one who’s the creator behind this course of entrepreneurship. I’m an entrepreneur myself, have been one for nearly four years. I’ve been preaching about entrepreneurship in events, in books, in person and I’ve heard that I’m at least partly a reason why very many other people have started their own companies, as well.

When I founded my company, I didn’t really know anything about entrepreneurship. I just had a big dream which turned into several ideas. Many of those ideas I’ve tested thus far have proven to be very good ideas. Some of the ideas have been only for me to learn what not to do again.

One thing I know for sure is that this has been the craziest, the most fun and most unique experience in my life. It’s nearly impossible to even think of how it feels to be totally responsible for your own life and time. This freedom is just something that makes up for every single possible negative side. 

Yes, of course, there are negative sides. Being an entrepreneur means also that you’re responsible for every aspect. You’ve got to send the invoices, bay the bills, remind yourself to sleep occasionally, know when to take holidays and everything else. Sometimes it’s lonely, sometimes even too social. You have to find the balance yourself for everything and try to take a positive attitude towards everything.

I created this course to summarize all the learnings I’ve encountered during these years as an entrepreneur. I coach and teach these things all the time for many different kinds of people. If you’re running your own business already, these might be things you already know, but I bet a refresher of the mind isn’t a bad thing. 

I hope you join the class and enjoy the ride! :)

Best regards, Sami, founder, and CEO of Creative Laboratory

The structure of this course

This course consists of 10 different themes. You unlock one theme and mission at a time, and when you’ve completed the step, the next one unlocks for you. You can go through a maximum of two themes in one day if you're running on super speed, but after that, there is a mandatory 24-hour pause. So, if you're quick, the course takes 5 days to complete.

Every theme is built from an introductory lesson and a couple of learning missions that will anchor the learnings into your own life.

All the material is text-based. Once you purchase the course, the material will be yours forever, it will stay on this platform for you to use later.


What: Text-based, light speed online course on entrepreneurship

Why: To learn the basics of entrepreneurship and to be able to transform ideas into a business

Who: Teacher is an entrepreneur, Sami Mikkola, who has been coaching aspiring entrepreneurs for several years

How: You make a one-time payment of 50 $ (US dollars, incl. taxes) and you unlock the course on your own account. You can take the steps at your own pace after that.

We also offer a full, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee – if you’re not satisfied, just contact us and we’ll give you your money back.

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