Find and use your creative mind as the best innovators do

This training program is crafted using the knowledge of the brightest and greatest Scandinavian creatives, from tens of different professions. In this program, you’ll learn the tools and mindsets that are harnessed by award-winning film directors, best-selling artists and writers, greatest gurus of business, brightest innovators and politicians, change-making musicians and many others.

These 18 tools you’ll learn are easy to implement in your own practice. Each topic consists of a short introduction video (2-5 minutes), in-depth text chapter and a learning mission for you to anchor the learning into your own life.

Price: $9,90

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Intro: The beginning
Episode 1: Something to guide your life
Episode 2: Creativity is a habit
Episode 3: Where is all the inspiration?
Episode 4: Curious tourist
Episode 5: Mystery box
Episode 6: Chain of thoughts
Episode 7: Connecting dots of the past
Episode 8: Idols & mentors
Episode 9: Embracing the change
Episode 10: Set your fears aside
Episode 11: Investigate your interests
Episode 12: The creative way to wake up
Episode 13: Find the magic of flow
Episode 14: Surprise!
Episode 15: Stretch your brain like your comfort zone
Episode 16: Always create for yourself
Episode 17: Have a date
Episode 18: Dear future me
Further readings & learnings
The end and the beginning

Crafted with real and battle-proven experience

This training program isn’t your average walk in the park. You’ll learn creativity isn’t born easily – by switching some different part of your brain on. Creativity lies within experiences, failures, willingness to take risks, laughter, dullness... most importantly, not letting your ego and fears to be in control of your life.

The program is designed and crafted from interviews and brainstorming sessions with tens of the best professionals in creative fields and professions. Program’s structure has been refined during four years of intensive training in companies and schools.

The methods and tools you’ll learn, are lean and easy to implement in life. Insights you’ll get are valuable in real life for everyone who is ready to move forward with their dreams and goals.

Eager to learn, eager to teach

The one who’s guiding you through this journey is Sami, the founder, and CEO of Creative Laboratory.

He's a creative entrepreneur, author of several books and the founder of Creative Laboratory. 

He has coached hundreds of people in creative workshops. He has made a career in marketing and creative leadership in his early twenties. Now he's sharing all the knowledge he has learned himself during his life in the field of creativity.

Sami describes himself as a curious learner and he believes that the best knowledge is reached when one is ready to teach others in a way that’s easy for everyone to follow and reach. 

Lightspeed, text-based guides

Some say that video is the king of the internet nowadays. But as we ourselves still like to read more than watch or listen, our training programs’ content consists of text-based lectures. 

Every episode is designed to be easy-to-follow and easy-to-learn. Content is crafted using simple facts, simple language, and simple training exercises. The content is in small and lightspeed pieces so you’ll have more time to live your life with your new skills.

You’ll need this course if…

If you feel like your life has stalled and you’re stuck

If you know you have more talents what you’re using currently

If you want to create more and better ideas of value

If your ego or your fear is stopping you from going after your dreams

If you know you want to take the next step, but don’t know what it is and where it is

If you want to advance in your work

If you want to take a leap into entrepreneurship

If you want your work to be more agile

If you need something new

If you’re starting a new, huge project

If you’re just finishing up a huge project

If you’re stuck in the rut of a huge project

If you’re busy (yeah, really, you do have time for this)

If you’re bored (no magic wands here, you’ll just learn that boredom is amazing)

If you’re a human who wants to feel alive!

People who have taken this course, are…

Aspiring writers, painters, poets, singers, and circus performers

Middle-management people in 40’s wanting to advance quicker in their career

Upper-management people needing an upgrade in their skillset

People in their 50’s and 60’s who’re ready to show the younger wolves that they are the ones who still got it what it needs

Lately graduated, hungry future superstars who want to start thriving, now

Bright-minded real-life magicians in cultural fields, producers and planners, transformers and movers

But what combines everyone is that they all have the bright sun in their hearts and smiles, they are eager to learn and have fun. Does this talk about you, too?

100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee

It’s true. If you’re unsatisfied, just send us an email, chat, SMS (it does still exist), Facebook-message or anything else you’d prefer and we will give you your money back. We will ask questions only from ourselves (WHYYYY, OH WHYYYYYYY *crying*), but not from you.

And. AND! You’ll still have access to the whole program and its content, for the rest of our times. Just like everyone else. 100% access, always. 

You’ll learn the TOP3-skills to future proof your life and career

You’ll learn to find inspiration, ideas, fresh thoughts, and exciting new combinations. You’ll learn to be imaginative!

You’ll learn how to transform your imagination and ideas into viable solutions for problems. We’ll show you how to form good and great problems that devour solutions from you.

You’ll learn how to polish those golden ideas into innovations and brainchildren that mark your spot in the books of history (well, not every idea belongs there, but you get the point?). You’ll learn to execute!

All in all, you’ll learn how to turn your energy into actions, and that’s the true essence of creative life.

Don’t take this course if…

If you’re not ready to try out new methods and tools in your work

If you already know it all

If you are building something innovative currently – the beginning of this program is very divergent so you’ll just be distracted

If you don’t like to read or write, there will be some text and you will need to write

If you are in the middle of burnout or other emotional discomfort caused by a load of responsibilities – you just need music and sunshine for a moment

Otherwise, you all, this is a great fit for you. Don’t believe? Try out, there’s no risk!

You’ll know how to turn ideas into actions after taking part in this program

You’ll inevitably take the first step during this program. The first step towards a more exciting and creativity-filled life.

You’ll draft, doodle, plan, laugh, babble, pitch, ditch, pivot and innovate with an enthusiasm of a kid equipped with the creativity of Da Vinci. And most of all, you will execute your ideas.

Paying the one-time payment of 9,90$, you’ll receive exclusive access to the community with other participants, life-long access to all the material in the program and you’ll receive 100% support from the instructor – email him as much as you like and you’ll get the help you need.

Upgrade your creativity today.

Start your journey now.

See you on the other side!