Mastering Your Career – How to have a fulfilling career, not merely a job

Great careers don't "just happen". They are built. They are planned. They are managed. This class will help you to build and manage a great career, not just to have a job. This class is here to help you take control of your professional career and to enjoy Monday mornings. Start here, start now.

Price: $100

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Episode 1: What is Career Management?
Episode 2: Why everyone needs it?
Episode 3: Different stages & Reasons for change
Episode 4: DNA & Early life impact
Episode 5: Passion does not equal Glory!
Episode 6: Career changes are normal
Episode 7: Personality mapping – your DNA
Episode 8: Academic credentials
Episode 9: Practical experience
Episode 10: Releasing your calling
Episode 11: Can I make a living with my passion?
Episode 12: My Baseline
Episode 13: Career Targets matrix
Episode 14: Skills Gap Analysis
Episode 15: The final company targets
Episode 16: Implementation of Gap analysis action points
Episode 17: Connecting decision makers
Episode 18: Social Media channels for networking
Episode 19: Impactful CV that tells a story
Episode 20: Perfecting your Cover Letter
Episode 21: Approaching decision makers
Episode 22: HR vs. Line Managers
Episode 23: Application tactics for open market positions
Episode 24: Creating your own position
Episode 25: Headhunters - When do they care? 
Episode 26: Interview preparation & tactics
Episode 27: Contract Negotiation tips
Episode 28: Simulating your career development
Episode 29: Connecting to the right networks
Episode 30: Personal Branding for Life
Episode 31: Staying active on social media
Episode 32: Now is your moment

You work around 100.000 hours during your lifetime. If you want to have a professional journey that satisfies and motivates you, you need to own your career management. Are you on the right path doing the rights things? This is your first step to find out. Are you ready to take ownership of your professional future? 

Who is this class for?

This class is for everyone who want to take charge of their own careers. Whether you are fresh out of school, looking for a move within your existing employer or complete overhauling your career, this Step-by-Step guide will help you to your destination. This class is designed for busy people who need a clear process to follow and execute. 

Each lesson in this class consists of a video and a practice. Each episode is only 5–15 minutes but filled with concrete knowledge in an entertaining form. After the video, you'll see a practice for that specific episode, which will anchor the learnings into your own life.

Is this the right moment to take this class?

This class is here for you when you're ready to take the steps. There is 32 episodes and 32 days – there is a 24 hour break between each episode. But your progress is your progress, you can move on when you feel like it.

All the material will be yours for forever. Take your time, breath and have fun. The only important thing is to start now, not tomorrow or in a week. Take action, otherwise, the life you want will run from you.

About the teacher

Your coach on this class is Lassi Albin. He is a career coach with strong foundation, delivering over 300 coaching sessions per year at a top 3 European business school. His focus expertise is on career change, career management and personal branding. Having lived and worked in 10 countries, he is a career changer who built his careers in Supply Chain Management, high-tech sales, recruiting and entrepreneurship. He is sharing all the knowledge he has learned himself during his life in the field of Career Management.


What: Class on Career Management. Step-by-Step Implementation Guide.

Price: $100 (US dollars) – with 100% satisfaction guarantee: if it's not for you, you'll get your money back, no questions asked.

Duration: 5 weeks, but you're free to take the steps in your own pace – the material will be yours for forever

What it includes: 32 episodes and practices for you to take control of your career

What the students are saying

“Career management is truly an important skill and this class made me realize that it’s just not promotions and constant job hunt. Now instead of being blind to my own development and stressing at work, I can concentrate on my family, hobbies and just being happy at work.” – Olli K., Finland