Principles of Creative Life: Enrich your mind & harness creativity

Start creating more meaningful things in life. Remove roadblocks from your mind. Learn to see the inspiration around you. Learn to turn inspiration into actions. The course includes 18 practices to break your mind free from the mundane and to thrive on your path. Learn new ways to think, act, create, dream, plan, work and be creative in your life whenever and wherever. You already have the will – start now.

Price: $100

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Intro: The beginning
Episode 1: Something to guide your life
Episode 2: Creativity is a habit
Episode 3: Where is all the inspiration?
Episode 4: Curious tourist
Episode 5: Mystery box
Episode 6: Chain of thoughts
Episode 7: Connecting dots of the past
Episode 8: Idols & mentors
Episode 9: Embracing the change
Episode 10: Set your fears aside
Episode 11: Investigate your interests
Episode 12: The creative way to wake up
Episode 13: Find the magic of flow
Episode 14: Surprise!
Episode 15: Stretch your brain like your comfort zone
Episode 16: Always create for yourself
Episode 17: Have a date
Episode 18: Dear future me
Further readings & learnings
The end and the beginning
I've been staring at a white wall for hours while waiting for inspiration and ideas to come. I've been paralyzed by the blank paper for days. I've felt frustrated with my tasks. I've been bored with my goals. My mind has been stuck as if it would have tried to run in a swamp. And those are the moments that prepared me to create this class and this community. I broke free. I found ways to get unstuck. The blank paper has turned into a book several times. A new tool has become a good old friend for my creations. Blink of an idea has turned into a thriving business. Inspirations have turned into actions. This was the moment for me to turn all my tools, my insights, and my process into a course for people around the world to learn these methods. Some of them are my own, most of them I've collected from people I admire, all of them are battle-tested by me and hundreds of people I've coached. I hope you enjoy the class as much I've enjoyed creating it!With love, Sami

In a nutshell

Course on creativity. Includes 18 episodes and 18 creativity practices to come up with novel ideas and to turn them into actions. Includes also an access to the special private community with an open chat channel with the instructor of the course. Ideal duration is 18 days, but is bingeable in under two hours.

The origin of this class

You are using your creativity in every situation of your life. If you want to accomplish more, be happier, more productive in meaningful matters or set and reach meaningful goals, this is your first step. Are you ready to be more creative?

Invent something, experiment, grow, take risks, break rules, make mistakes and have fun. This is what this class is made of. Break the mundane to find something marvelous. Creativity and dreams are not just for artists. They for business people looking for a new way to close a sale; it’s for engineers trying to solve a problem; it’s for parents who want their children to see the world in more than one way. Being creative and going after dreams and goals are another ways to say: I'm alive.

The basic value of ‘just an idea’ is close to zero, especially if the only place it is kept in is inside your mind. Collecting ideas for a lifetime will make you only look back on your life and think it could have been something beautiful. Sharing your thoughts, taking little steps, categorizing ideas and combining own thoughts, even if tiny, but executable things is the truest form of creativity.

Be a prepared mind in the right place at the right time: recognize an opportunity and make a move.

Who is this class for?

This class is for everyone who needs a little something to spice up their productivity, imagination, and creativity. The class is designed especially for those who don't have much free time, but still, want to be able to learn something new.

Each lesson in this class consists of a video and a practice. Each episode is about 5 minutes long but filled with concrete knowledge. After the video, you'll be assigned a practice for that specific episode, which will anchor the learnings into your own life.

When is the right time to start this class?

Now. Now is the only moment you have in your life.

This class is made of 18 episodes, full of learning creativity.

All the material will be yours forever and you can move on when you feel like it. Take your time, breath and have fun. The only important thing is to start now, not tomorrow or in a week. Take action, otherwise, the life you want will run from you.

About the teacher

Your coach on this class is Sami Mikkola. He's a creative entrepreneur, author of several books and the founder of Creative Laboratory. He has coached hundreds of people in creative workshops, made a career in marketing and creative leadership in his early twenties and now he's sharing all the knowledge he has learned himself during his life in the field of creativity.


What: Course on creativity, creativity techniques, creative skills, innovative thinking, and achieving goals with those tools

Price: $100 (US dollars) – 100% satisfaction guarantee: if it's not for you, you'll get your money back, no questions asked, read more in Terms & Conditions.

Duration: 18 episodes, at your own pace – the material will be yours forever after the class

What it includes: 18 episodes and practices to nurture and develop creativity in your life + access to a private community with open chat with the instructor