Terms & Privacy

We follow and respect the European GDPR laws.

We collect e-mail addresses, names and usernames. We use the collected user data for our own marketing and for transactional purposes such as receipts, reminders of learning and to announce news to existing users. We will send a maximum of few e-mails a month of marketing and announcements. We store the e-mail addresses on our e-mailing tool, called Drip. They handle the security very well.

Our main person to handle the security and everything else is Sami Mikkola, who can be reached by sending an e-mail to sami@luovalaboratorio.com. Anyone else will not have access to the information collected. You can unsubscribe from our e-mails anytime by clicking a link at the bottom of each sent e-mail.

We also use cookies to develop our services by online tracking. You can opt-out from cookies by disabling them from your browser.

We, as a company, will not be liable for any further actions the participants of any course may do. The courses are built by creative professionals who may or may not have a qualification to teach other people, but they teach by their own views of the world. 

Copying, loaning or stealing the contents on this platform is not allowed in any circumstance. If there's something you'd like to use in your own work, please contact us and ask for permission and chances for co-operation. One user account is for only one person, don't share your account with other people.

Our payment processor is Stripe. Stripe is trusted and respected payment processor, used by thousands of companies all over the world. We will not store your payment information, it is stored securely in Stripe’s systems. As a provider of payment services, Stripe is required to comply with many regulations including anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering laws. Some of these regulations and laws require Stripe to retain transaction records for a prescribed period of time. Read more about our data retention process in their own Privacy Policy.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We produce quality content, but there are moments in life when you might just feel like the content isn't relevant for you right at that moment. If and when you proceed to purchase a course on our platform, we will give you a full money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the course.

You can use the money-back guarantee by sending us (labra@luovalaboratorio.com) an email with your account e-mail address, and we will give you your money back. We will not harass you with questions and there are no strings attached. Of course an explanation might help us be better in future, but we don't force you to explain anything.